Fenugreek Extract
Fenugreek is spice common to Middle Eastern cooking, used often in curries, having a bitter flavor, similar to celery. Fenugreek is actually a plant, and all parts of the plant - leaves, sprouts, and seeds (ground or whole) - are used in cooking. Fenugreek is also popular in tablet form as it is known to provide many health benefits such as lowering cholestrol, and curing skin problems
Botanical  Name:  Trigonella foenum-graecum
Common Name:  Methi, Fenugreek
Standardized For:  Upto 90% 4-Hydroxyisoleusine by HPLC
Description:  Off-white To Light Brown Powder
Plant Part Used:  Seed
Applications: Laxative
Benefit  of Fenugreek Extract
Home Remedy for Fever
Breast Enlargement
Remedy to Ease Child Birth for Pregnant Women
Remedy to Aid Milk Production in Lactating Women.