Bacopa Monnieri Extract
Bacopa monnieri plant is an Ayurvedic herb used in India. The name of brahmi is thought to be derived from the Hindu’s creator of the universe, Brahma. The herb is most often used as a brain tonic, especially within its native origin of India it plays a very vital role in various Ayurvedic therapies for cognitive tissues which are age related. Brahmi rejuvenates the mind from stress and exhaustion caused in daily life.. Bacopa extract has been used for centuries to restore and nourish the central nervous system.
Latin Name :  Bacopa Monnieri Extract
Family Name:  Scrophulariaceae
Common Names : Brahmi, Bacopa, Brahmi, Herpestis monnieri
Actives Content : Bacoside, Saponin
Part Used :  Whole Plant and sometime leaf
Applications Brain rejuvenation
Benefit of Bacopa Monnieri Extract
Bacopa can be used to treat many ailments both mental and physical
It has been associated with treatment of insanity, epilepsy, asthma, hoarseness. It can be an anti-anxiety aid and can benefit cardiac functions
Bacopa is also considered as an aid when combating depression, nervousness and stress.Despite the many physical benefits, Bacopa is most known and used for improving the   brain's abilities in areas of memory, comprehension and processing
 It acts as blood cleanser also
It is useful as potent nerves tonic.